Senin, 28 Maret 2011

Gadis Seksi Thailand

However, as Gadis Seksi Thailand continued reading and thought about it I realized that if art is merely individual expression (and that in its varied forms) of how we see, experience, and express the life and world around us then certainly wedding photography had the potential to be ‘fine art’. Not that ‘qualifying’ for the term ‘fine art’ in itself means anything. It means nothing! But what I mean is that an artist could walk into that space of a wedding day and proceed to see, feel, experience, and then express their view of that wedding day through the lens. Instead of showing up at the wedding with a list of pre conceived poses and ideas, and simply drop the couple into that ‘mold’, rather as an artist REACT to their unique wedding day as it unfolds like any other wedding day. Employing your skill set as an artist in seeing light, using light, perceiving moments and producing a complete artwork of the entire day. I think the approach for me of a fine art photographer is beautifully summarized.

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